History: Long ago an insane and corrupt lich named Pandruul created this twisted tome for for the purpose of gaining magical power and to drive pure minds into the warm, tight grasp of insanity. The birth of The Tome of Insanity began in a fortress hidden within the icy shelter of The Mirrorshard mountains. Pandruul had put his long study of magic to crafty use in creating the mountain fortress, where he then began his scheming and planning to turn the living to dead, and the holy to darkness while gaining in magical strength. After two months and five days he began to put his master plan to work in creating this spell book. He mixed the blood of humans with the ink that tainted the pages of the large, flesh-bound book. Not a page was left empty, for the dark magic of insanity had been inscribed on every last inch of parchment within the Tome of Madness…

Abilities: The Tome of Madness is a large flesh-bound spell book containing a variety of spells from levels 1 to 5 (DMs choice) and a slow passive acting version of the spell Insanity.

When the Tome of Madness is opened, those viewing the the book at that time must succeed at a will save DC (30) or be unknowing inflicted with 1d4 points of wisdom drain. This is to lower the resistance of the reader to have them read more. Those who have been the victim of this wisdom drain from opening the book are no longer affected by this magic.

When either a spell from the Tome of Madness is cast, memorized, or copied into a an existing spell book, the wizard must make a will save DC (30) or be unknowingly inflicted with 1d4 points of wisdom drain.

Only after about losing 1/3 of their wisdom will their comrades notice something is wrong with the owner of the book. The owner;s mind will slowly slip as if under effect 21-50 of the confusion spell. If approached about the book in state and any attempt seen by the owner to remove or destroy the book in their possession they will turn around and attack the offenders.

Only a Greater Restoration, Heal, Limited Wish, Miracle, or Wish performed by another caster will remove the effects of the wisdom drain and insanity.

As each 50 points of wisdom is lost by those that own and read this book Pandruul will gain a level in spell casting ability.