The ring of blood was created centuries ago by the jeweler, Tharian Havor. It was his last creation, his last gift to the world of the living, before he took his life. During a burglary by some of the citiy’s less cunning thieves, he was hit in the head with an iron mace and was knocked unconcious. When he came to, his wife was lying lifeless on the floor of the jeweler’s shop, stabbed several times by one of the thieves who had raided his shop.

Guilt overcame Tharian as he had failed to protect his wife, and he decided to craft one last piece of jewelry as a tribute to both his wife and his failure to protect her. The ring was fashioned from the largest diamond that Tharian owned, and was created with a hollow space inside the ring itself. Inside this space, he poured some of his wife’s blood and sealed it with the metal from one of his wife’s earrings. Shortly after finishing this ring, he stabbed himself in the heart while next to the wife and wearing the ring. The ring is thought to have gained its magical powers from the blood contained within and the circumstances in which it was created

They were buried in the same grave by relatives along with the ring. Years later, a graverobber violated their resting place and took the ring. It has had various owners since then, but never stays in one place for very long.

Abilities: The ring of blood grants it wearer’s currently equipped weapon the ability to bleed opponents. The round after an attack is successfully made with the equipped weapon, the creature that was damaged loses 1d6 hp due to bleeding. The bleeding only lasts one round unless another attack is successfully made. No save is possible to avoid the bleeding.

The ring also bestows a +1 bonus to all saving throws, attacks, skill checks, etc. made against rogues and other thief oriented classes. Due to the unique circumstances this item was created in, the ring also has a curse upon it.

The wearer of the ring feels a deep sense of guilt whenever he or she fails to protect a friend or relative from mortal danger and must succeed at a will saving throw of DC 25 or fall into a deep depression stopping everything they are doing in an attempt to revive the fallen loved one. If the character cannot bring the deceased back to life they will express their sorrow next to the corpse ignoring all around them, including attacks from opponents. This applies if the friend or relative dies due to combat, spells, etc. that took place within site of the wearer of the ring. If the ring bearer makes the save they still feels an unusual ammount of guilt, but realizes that there was nothing he or she could have done.