Created by the Druid Dyonis these bracers are used to train and help new druids to the order. These bracers are passed down to each initial as he enters the 3rd circle and left behind by those leaving the 5th circle.

Abilities: These silver bracers have an intricate leaf pattern made of emeralds. Their beauty alone is enough for it to be worth something but the great power it possesses over plants adds greatly to its value. At will/ Detect Animals or Plants (only plants); 1 day/ Entangle, Goodberry, Plant Growth; 3 days/ Warp Wood. These powers only work if both bracers are worn.

Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Detect Animals or Plants, Entangle, Goodberry, Plant Growth, Warp Wood; Market Price: 12,600gp