The slippers were originally procured by the famous jester Pyronisys. They assisted in his performances and made the fool much money. Upon his death it was found that the entertainer spent all his money and had none to pay for the burial. It was then that his belongings were sold to cover the costs. No one knew for years that the slippers were magic. Pyronisys’s death was as amusing as he was. After a long show and well after everyone was a sleep the performer took a walk outside and accidentally slipped on some elephant dung. The next morning he was found dead as when he fell he knocked himself out on a rock within the pile of elephant dung thus drowning. Oddly enough people were not surprised.

Abilities: The wearer of a pair of Acrobat’s Slippers gains a +4 competence bonus to Balance checks. If wearing medium or heavy armor, however, the bonus is negated. A medium or heavy load does not affect the bonus, only the type of armor. Acrobats are known for carrying others on their back as they walk the tightwire.

The slippers are made of fine silk and are divided so that the big toe and the smaller toes are opposed and can grip around a wire or beam. They are quite odd-looking, and anyone wearing these in the street will be the subject of much public notice (Spot check DC 5). They are also not waterproof, and will be fouled for 48 hours, temporarily negating their bonus, if worn in wet conditions. The masterwork silk slippers required to make this item must be fashioned from the finest silk and cost 500 gp. or calculate the magic item costs on top of this: 20gp * 16, plus additional costs…)

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, creator must have 5 ranks of the Balance skill, cat’s grace; Market Price: 820; Weight: 1 lb.