Nimail was a famous half elven mage/rogue. His exploits were both legendary and condemned by polite society. He came from a poor background, becoming a street urchin, then a thief. Later in his long career he discovered a natural talent for wizardry and developed it. No matter the degree of success attained he always maintained his ties to the street life. Nimail became famous for his daring thefts. Sometimes of items which had no real value but were reputedly impossible to steal. He also fought battles against that which oppressed the common people, be it a rampaging monster or a cruel tax collector. These bracers were his finest work.

Abilities: A pair of worn copper bracers, each is inset with 4 gems: top, bottom,left,right. These gems are each an Ioun stone. The bracer’s unique design allows these stones, or others if changed, to function while the bracers are worn instead of the stones circling overhead.

Besides the 8 total Ioun stones, the bracers contain several small compartments designed for holding thieves picks and small tools, nothing over an ounce or 2 in weight or over a few inches in length. The bracers themselves provide an armor class of 4, with a bonus of 2 to all saving throws.

Suggestions: Any PC rogue finding these would up his prestige amongst other thieves and common folk tremendously. The DM might consider allowing the bracers to be found with out any Ioun Stones to lower its power level. The wielder would then be aspired to quest for such items. Also other abilities could be put into the bracers. Examples: A 1/day shocking grasp ability, a Knock spell ability, or perhaps a wizard lock ability. This item is conceivably very powerful, so consider its ramifications before using in your campaign.