by Craig M Borri

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Introduction to the Manor Born Adventure


This isn’t an adventure as such, more of a wrapper for another adventure. It can be used for any level party.

The party in question is traveling through the countryside from point A to point B. They should be traveling through somewhat of a backwoods region, an area that’s less sophisticated than what they’re used to. Ideally, the party should come from a city that has the equivalent of the Library of Alexandria, but any large city would probably do.

It’s approaching dusk when the party arrives at a small village, the Barony of Gordham. If the party stops at the local inn – or if they are just passing through – they will be spotted by the Baron’s castellan. He will invite them to stay at the castle. He will say the Baron would very much like to meet them, and might have a profitable proposition for them. The castellan will be most anxious to have them stay, using any means short of force.

If the party accepts his invitation, they will be brought up to the castle and treated to a sumptuous dinner. The Baron is quite young, only nineteen or so. After dinner, he will explain his request.

The Baron’s family is under a curse. Almost two hundred years ago, his family established their barony by ridding the area of an evil necromancer who had his laboratory in the hills above the village. The necromancer was killed, but with his dying breath he cursed the Gordham family and all their male heirs. Since then, upon taking the title of Baron, each male head of the family has been overcome by a horrible wasting illness. They get severe headaches, pains in various parts of the body, convulsions and sometimes sink into dementia before dying. It sometimes takes years, but the end is always the same. The Baron’s own father died just recently, after a mere ten years on the throne, and the new Baron is due to officially assume the leadership of the family at a ceremony two days hence. Naturally, he would very much like to avoid his father’s fate.

This is where the party comes in…