By Steven Clower

The party is journeying through the wilderness on their way to a destination. The weather is a bit cold, a light snow has fallen but it is still early winter. In the distance they notice smoke, and hear cries for help that carry over the wind.
(Assuming they head in that direction)

The party comes across the tail end of a successful caravan raid. 2 wagons are burning, and a 3rd is overturned. An older man is trying to fend off 3 orcs next to the overturned wagon, while behind him cowers his wife and youngest daughter.

Nearby 5 more orcs are dumping out bags of goods, to see what the wagons were carrying. To the side of the devastation a group of 12 more orcs have formed a wide circle and are placing bets on a wrestling match between an ogre, their leader, and a large human female warrior, this is Keetha.

Keetha Lazon
 STR 19*  Neutral Good
 Human Warrior

 Equipment: scalemail,
 broad sword, mace, one
 dagger, a family ring
 (25gp value)

 INT 10  Level: 4
 WIS 10  HP: 32 (36 3E)
 DEX 12

 Proficient: broad
 sword and mace

 CON 15
 CHA 13
 COM 11

note: * 18/55 for 2nd edition

If they watch and do nothing the homesteaders are eventually killed and the warrior is overpowered and enslaved. If they intervene, all the orcs are currently involved and will not notice the party till they get close or make a lot of noise.

The orcs are armed as follows.

20 0rcs: All wearing studded leather and have shields as appropriate.

3 at wagon: 1 with battle axe, other two have short swords.

5 looters: 1 has a short bow and short sword, 2 others just short sword, 1 has a glaive, and last is armed with a morning star.

12 orcs in circle: 2 have light crossbows and daggers, 1 has short bow and dagger, 5 with long swords, 2 with battle axes, 1 with glaive, and one who fights with 2 short swords, leader type with maximum hps. The ogre is armed with a large club, he is natural ac of 5, and 25 hps.

The warrior Keetha is unarmed and un-armored at the moment but will grab for a weapon if the party distracts the orcs at all.

Afterwards the survivors thank the party profusely, the older man asks if they would guard them to their homestead, not far out of the way 2 days tops. Keetha, if the GM desires will join the party, otherwise she claims her belongings and helps guard the homesteaders to their destination before moving on.

Loot: Each orc has 2d4 silver pieces, and 3d6 copper pieces. The leader with 2 swords also has a crude bracelet made of pounded gold (value 25 g.p.). The ogre carries 48 gold pieces, and a large rock, weighs 40 lbs., with a design of a flightless bird of some sort on it. This might fetch 10 gold to a wealthy eccentric but its here mainly to weigh down the party and allow the GM to feel good about suckering them.

The dead homesteaders have a few bolts of cloth that the players might take and sell for up to 50 g.p if they think to loot the burning wagons, also any non magical common item might conceivably be in the pile the orcs created.