Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma are game stats, but they are also attributes that play heavily on your character’s personality and must be fulfilled in order for you to say that you are properly role-playing your character. The problem is, most of us do not have the ability to truly role-play and 18 intelligence for example. So, what I have done is break each of these three attributes into categories so that you are not required to determine the difference between a 17 charisma and an 18 charisma. So that you can begin to get the idea of what an 8 in wisdom does to a character.

You should base your personality off of your natural attribute (i.e. the attributes you had at creation). So for example if you suddenly get a headband of intellect or something that magically increases one of your bottom 3 attributes, it does not change your character’s personality.

1 – 5 You are abysmally stupid, you can basically understand that you need to eat, drink, reproduce, and take shelter from bad weather (and your comprehension is in that order). I don’t care what the rules say, you’re illiterate.
6 – 9 You are slow to comprehend how things work in the world. You have a bad memory. Being asked to think or read is a chore.
10 – 13 You are not dumb, but not learned either. You comprehend how things work if you have worked with them before, but you must take time to study something before you can comprehend it. You have to look up the answers in a book, but you know where to look for the answers.
14– 16 You’re smart, you should have ranks in a couple knowledge skills. You comprehend mechanics or complex issues quickly and you know the answer most of the time without having to look it up. You have studied a great deal, but studying was easy and you’ve never had to study something twice.
17+ You never had to study, you simply just knew the answer. You know how everything mundane works and have little trouble comprehending the supernatural.

1 –5 You are dumb as a post when it comes to noticing your surroundings or understanding that they might affect you. You also make bad decisions even if you are smart enough to know that the result will be bad. For example you might know what a meat grinder does, but you don’t hesitate to put your had in one if you, say, dropped a ring in there. You react to your emotions. Fear causes you to flee, lust causes you to be inappropriate in public.
6 – 9 On a whole you tend to be a little slow in getting that the world is bigger than the area immediately around you. You still make bad decisions if the situation is a bit complex. You prefer to act on emotion rather than logic.
10 – 13 You comprehend that you are an integral part of the world and that things near you can affect you. You are also somewhat aware that there is a world that exists outside your reason, but how it affects you is a serious challenge to your comfort zone. You don’t make bad decisions unless your clarity is skewed by something like love or hatred.
14– 16 You are considered wise. Even as a child you had an unerring sense of what was right and what was wrong. The world and the supernatural are easy subjects for you to understand. You are sensitive to the fact that you are but a tiny grain of sand in a vast cosmic existence. You are also perceptive enough to realized that most others are not as wise as you. You have patience and tolerance. You know better even when strong emotions might cloud another’s judgment.
17+ Logic is all that dictates your decisions, you almost don’t have emotions. You get your place in the world and you have a level of patience that is nearly inexhaustible. You see all angles without having to be shown them.

1 – 5 You are vulgar to the extreme. You eat like a dog, talk little, and have no sense of hygiene.
6 – 9 You are the perfect candidate for “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to do that.” Sure she did, but you don’t care about doing things that make others uncomfortable. You have a disposition that tends to make people dislike you right off the bat. You also probably don’t smell good and prefer not to waste effort on hygiene.
10 – 14 You begin to comprehend that you body is your most valuable possession. You take good care of yourself, you like to dress well, eat well, and bathe well. You have a personality that is instantly likeable. You are always friendly and courteous and try to be so even to those you don’t like. You also understand that your body has an inner energy that you can pull from to get you through tough situations.
15 – 18 Your body is a temple. Others immediately fall for you. The opposite sex finds you attractive no matter your physical beauty. You are always nice to other people and you are infuriatingly polite to your enemies. You can appear to be anything you want, people want to believe you. You master your body’s inner energy and exude your force of will through your skin.