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Rod of Continuous Flame
by Ryan Pinks

   The rod was created and designed by a group of mages named "The Makers". Instead of adventuring these wizards gained their power through research and magic item creation. They created a company to suite other wizard's needs. The rod is but one of their useful creations.

   This rod's purpose is to provide light to wizards to they may continue research at night without expending a spell. The rod can be a torch, a floor lamp, a desk lamp, a hanging lamp, or just about anything the wizard can imagine. The rod is made of 5 inner-changeable metal or wood rod parts. The total length of the rods can be adjusted to be from 1 foot in length or up to 5 feet in length. Each rod end has a claw that will grasp on to anything a human hand can hold upon commend, including another rod end. This rod can even be mounted on someone's head so they can use both arms. Treat it's ability hold on as a grapple with a 6 strength.

Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisites: Scribe Scroll, Continuous Flame, rock, 2gp worth of Materials ; Market Price: 200gp


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