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Necklace of Nine Lives
by Kurtis Swekla

   This necklace is made out of silver and has a ruby heart pendant on it. It can fit any character's neck size and will adjust comfortably for to one's neck. The 1st time the necklace is worn it will heal the character to full hit points (this uses one charge), and every time thereafter that the character's hit points go down to 10% of their full hit points or lower the necklace uses up one charge and heals the character to half their hit points, the necklace has 9 charges.

   The necklace can't be controlled by the wearer, it just causes the healing by itself. After every use, one charge comes off and the necklace gets tighter around the wearer's neck. When the wearer's hit points drop below 10% and the necklace has no more charges, the necklace will continuously tighten around the wearer's throat for 2 rounds until the character is dead or the necklace removed (see below).

   The wearer will notice the tightening of the necklace after the 2nd time it activates. Once this necklace is put on it cannot be taken off without a dispel magic spell and a remove curse, or wish, or miracle spell.


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