Challenging Level Adventures

"Save or lose 12 hit points…"

A1-A6 Scourge of the Slave Lords (ZIP 231 Kb)

4+ 3E
A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity (ZIP 459 Kb)
A2 Secret of the Slaver’s Stockade (ZIP 886 Kb)4-7
A Disturbing Scene (2E version found at site)5
The Bronze Flute (ZIP 335Kb) by Wez Mond 
C2 Ghost Tower of Invertness (ZIP 26 Kb)5-7 3E

Devil’s Spire (ZIP 400 Kb)
Deniz Bucak

6 3E
Festival of Halbar (ZIP 4239 Kb)
Michael Laplaunte
I3-I5 Deserts of Desolation (ZIP 207 Kb)4+ 3E
Old Rock Tower (ZIP 323 KB)4-6 3E
Question of Religion II (ZIP 585Kb) by Wez Mond5-7 3E
Temple of Pelor (ZIP 321 Kb) 
Village of the Damned (ZIP 24MBs)

by Richard E. Sullivan
3-4 3E
Underway (ZIP 132 Kb)
by someone
Werewolves of Hargaldor (ZIP 1.9MB)
by Kris
4-6 3E

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