Welcome to ADMP, a AD&D DM Program. This is a combat program for AD&D v3.5.

It is not a character generator or a campaign program … just combat.

By: Torquil Gault copyright 2005+, email torquilgault @ yahoo.com

This program won’t do everything, AD&D is too complicated for that but I’ve tried to go for the 80/20 Rule … 80% of the rules for 20% of the effort. So, I’m lazy … sue me 😉

But, realistically, it should handle most of the ‘things’ you want it to. Things like, doing d6 damage for 3 rounds wont be automatically done but you could put in a trigger to remind you to do it. Things like Prayer and Bless spells can be ‘done’ in the Adjustments tab (in Other).


Compiling the Source Requirements: A good C compiler … gcc or the like FLTK 1.1.x (http://www.fltk.org). Please review fltk-changes.txt

You can use MinGW (http://www.mingw.org) to compile it in Windows.

If you make changes using ‘fluid’ (the FLTK GUI program) then run the fix program.

Please read the “help.txt” on how to use this program.

If you make changes or find a bug please email the details so that I can update the main source code.

Or if there is a feature you’d like added, email me and I’ll see what I can do.

To start with your own data, just remove the player.dat & monst.dat files and then start the program. Once you’ve added all your player’s details, you should press “Save All” button in the System tab.

*** You should always do that “Save All” step before you exit the program ***

If you want to do standard groups of monsters ie. Orge war-band, then do the following: Remove all monsters in the Other tab. Add all the monsters in the Edit tab. Save the monster file as “ogre-wb.dat” in the System tab

If you want it to roll their HP based on the HitDice of the monster, select that action in the Other tab

Click here (.gz format) for the source of the program

Download (ZIP 285Kb)