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Necklace of Mirages
by Kurtis Swekla

   The necklace is an intricate silver braid with an odd pearl like gemstone that swirls its appearance if looked into. A small clasp in the back secures the necklace to its wearer's neck. As the wearer uses the necklace's abilities the gemstone's swirl is more obvious.

   The wearer of this necklace can produce any illusion they desire through simple thought. The illusion is exactly like a major image (spectral force 2E) spell. The illusion only exists as long as the wearer concentrates on the producing the illusion. The area of effect is only within 5' of the wearer and the illusion itself may not exceed an area larger than a 5' radius around the wearer. The wearer may do nothing else while concentrating on the illusion.

   The necklace may only be used 3 times a day safely. For each time the wearer uses the mask being the 3rd time they must make a save (WIL DC 10 3E, Spell 2E) or start hallucinating their own thoughts. This affect is permanent, short of a wish or miracle spell. The wearer will eventually go insane as their own thoughts manifest themselves as illusions in their own mind. This will happen over weeks. Removing the necklace does not remove the insanity.


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