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The Fiend Castilus
Hit Dice 2E/3E 8 / 8d8 +16

   Castilus was summoned by the wizard Serek, who ruled the town of "Land's Edge." The wizard desired to use the demon to further his own power but he made a mistake in the method of summoning and the demon killed him.

   Unfortunately for Castilus, Serek had done certain portions of the spells correctly and the demon was trapped in the room he occupied. He was able to reach out with his spells and special abilities however. He used these to try to corrupt the people of the castle and Land's Edge so they would release him. He failed in this and in the end he managed only to destroy or drive away all the inhabitants of the city.

   Now Castilus still waits in the castle, trying to find a way to get free. When anyone arrives at the castle he takes the opportunity to manipulate them into freeing him. To do this he will use his powers to corrupt them or his ability to summon other creatures to frighten them. He will also attempt to strand them so that they must give into his demands. If completely frustrated he may lose his patience and start killing them.

Appearance: 6'8" tall, weight 310 lb.. Body type is humanoid with 4 arms. Head Resembles a rotted jackal. The body itself is a mottled red in color with scaly skin, hands are clawed with orange spurs erupting near the elbows, no real combat value unless grappled.

Special Abilities: climb walls, spell-like abilities at will (12 level caster)- darkness, desecrate, detect good, detect magic, spectral force, mirror image, telekineses, teleport without error (save DC 11+ spell level)

Special Defenses: Improved Parry, regenerates every round, (demon 2E, tanar'ri) qualities/immunities MM 43 3E

Spell abilities: Telepathy

   Minor Summoning: Because of the properties of the summoning room Castilus can summon creatures anywhere in the castle or town of Land's Edge. Use the table to the left. Summoned monsters last 3 turns and the ability may only be used once a turn.

   These summoning can be done once every turn but only last for 3 turns. Thus Castilus can control 3 groups of summoned creatures at once, he can communicate with them telepathically within the same distance as the summonings.

   Improved Parry: Castilus will not necessarily attack with all 4 arms in combat. He may attack twice and save the other 2 arms to block (i.e. parry) up to 2 different attackers. (add +4 to his AC against up to 2 attackers if you don't use parry)

Armor Class 2E/3E 3 / 20 (+17 Natural, +3 DEX)
Movement 2E/3E 12" / 30'
Climb for 3" / 10'
Initiative +4
Face/Reach 4'
2E THAC0 / Attacks 13 / 2 or 4
3E Attack Bonus +8/+8/+3/+3
(+4 STR) or 2 attacks and 2 parries

1d6 (+2 STR 2E)
1d6 (+4 STR 3E)

Special Attacks telepathy and
Special Defense Regenerate
(1 hp 2E, 2 hp 3E)
+1 or better
(DR 15 +1 3E)
Magic Resistance none
Size 6'8" M
Moral 18
Alignment Chaotic Evil
XP 3300
Challenge Rating 13
Stats Skills/Feats
STR 18

Concentration +14
Hide +9
Knowledge (any) +12
Listen +13
Move Silently +13
Search +13
Sense Motive +13
Spellcraft +12
Spot +12
Multi Attack
Power Attack

Castilus Random Summoning table: d10
1: Hell's Legions
2: 1d3 Dretch
   MM 41 3E
3: 1d4+1 Skeletons M
   MM 165 3E
4: 1d4 Skeletons L
   MM 165 3E
5: 1d4+1 Zombies M
   MM 191 3E
6: 1d4 Zombies L
   MM 191 3E
7: 1 Carriorn crawler
   MM 29 3E
8: 1 Quasit
   MM 41 3E
9: 1d3 Mephits
   MM 132 3E
10: 1 Hell hound
   MM 118 3E

INT 17
WIS 14
DEX 15
CON 16
CHA 12
COM  4
For Save +9
Ref Save +8
Wil Save +8

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