Sutenland (ZIP 471 Kb) by Shiva



The Suten civilization is the envy of northern Arda. Suten cities have public schools, constabulary, courts, sewers, water works, paved streets, fortifications, courts, and universities. 60% of the urban, and 40% of the rural population is literate, the printing press was rediscovered and has been in use for a century. Life within the urban areas is relatively safe, clean, and filled with less hardship. Life within the rural areas near the borders and the Midden Alps is not so idyllic. Wars, orks, giants, the occasional dragon or bulette makes life a struggle, but the Suten Grenzlanders manage to defend the Suten heartland and continue the expansion of the empire in spite of the misery they endure.

The Sutenlund is covered in dark forests, fertile valleys, rolling hills, high mountains, and mighty rivers. The winters are mild, and bring much precipitation in the form of cold rains in the lowlands, and blankets of snow in the highlands. Summers are warm and pleasant.

The Empire of Sutenlund is actually a loose knit confederation of merchant republics, leagues, kingdoms, and city states. Each political entity sends a representative to the central metropolis of Teutoniheim, the ancient capital of the old empire. Each rep. Has one vote in the Imperial Council. A hereditary emperor lives in and rules the capital city, is the head of state, and has 2 votes on the council. The High Priest of Teutonikar and the High Priest of Helga also sit on the council, and have 2 votes each. In theory the emperor is the head of state, but the bickering leagues, merchant republics, and kingdoms have stripped the emperors of their power, making them little more than figure heads. Civil wars are commonplace, and the rise of emperors that seize power from the council, only to be assassinated is all to common as well. The Sutens do obey this one law set into stone by the lawgiver….” Attacks upon the empire are to meet a united response.”