Download Nexus Archanus Plane (ZIP 8 Kb) by Wiebe Haanstr


Elemental Nexus of Archanus

One of the larger and more stable demi-planes, Archanus is a variable place, with whirling lines and planes composed of the stuff of the 6 inner planes going through them. These have no edges or endpoints, and the planes divide the plane into sections, whose shapes can be anything.

It is a place where people can live, and settlements of various races are located on the water and earth planes. The plane naturally opposes large changes to its structure though, so those settlements have to remain small.

On the places where planes and lines intersect, various effects can happen. Places where multiple planes intersect produce magical materials useful for alchemy and other things.

It has the following traits, but they might be overridden when you are on the various planes and lines.

• Objective directional gravity. Gravity is towards the centre of the nearest plane or line that have gravity, if one is within 2 miles. No gravity otherwise.
• Divinely morphic. Deities can change the location of the planes and lines.
• Mildly neutral aligned.
• Mixed mild elemental and energy traits. Each line and plane has its own elemental/energy trait that functions as long as you are in touch with it. They crossways have mixed properties.
• Mixed impeded and enhanced magic. Each line/plane has the magical traits of their corresponding plane. If they overlap, it’s impeded.

The space in-between is very hostile. The air is very thin, water evaporates from your body, and food no longer provides sustenance. These effects seem to grow stronger the longer you are there.

Element: Line thickness: Plane thickness: Gravity:
Fire 100 ft. 10 ft. Yes
Water 1 mile 2 miles Yes
Air 1000 ft. 1000 ft. No
Earth 2000 ft. 2000 ft. Yes
Positive 100 ft. 100 ft. No
Negative 100 ft. 100 ft. No

The fire and positive planes are the only sources of light in the plane. The air planes and lines have no gravity but powerful winds that always blow in the same direction, providing a means of transport for the well equipped.

In the overlapping areas, the following can happen:

Fire & Water: Steam. As fire, but water creatures are not dealt damage.
Fire & Air: As fire, but double damage.
Water & Air: Fog. As air, but only 5 ft. visibility.
Water & Earth: Mud. As water, but no visibility and half swim speed.
Air & Earth: Dust storm. As air, but 1 point of damage each turn.

Positive & Negative: Never happens.

3 Elements: Weightless grey void, with some powerful alchemic reagents. Powerful creatures reside here.
3 Elements + Positive: Stronger reagents, stronger creatures.
3 Elements + Negative: Stronger but less reagents, power¬ful undead.
4 Elements: A maelstrom of forces around an area much like the material plane, but with two differences: all magic is Empowered and Extended as by the feats and the terrain is mentally morphic. They are impossible to enter from the Astral plane. Almost all are inhabited by deities and high-level wizards, with defences to match.

Crossing the maelstrom is dangerous. It deals 4d6 points of damage each turn and elemental protection magic does not work. Each round that you are damaged you must succeed at a Fortitude save with DC equal to the damage or be stunned for 1 round. In addition, the inhabitant will have installed defences.

4 Elements + Negative: As the normal 4 elements node, but has the no magic trait. Used to store artefacts.

Energy planes/lines are more rare than elemental ones. 4 elemental places are very rare.

For encounters, use the corresponding plane’s encounter table(s), with the wilderness table. There are more powerful creatures on the crossways.