Teng Tomb Guardian
Hit Dice 2E/3E 9 / 9+18

Created by the Teng Lich Ssslhack to guard the Mask of Alteration many years ago.
The are fearless and will destroy any interlopers to the tomb they guard.

   They are constructed of stone and hold the form
of an elemental within to give it life. The elementals within are
controlled to guard the tomb they protect. When the trap is activated
to release the tomb guardian the elemental within controls the contruct
destroying the intruders. Due to the nature of the guardians they
are not magical. Only a vessal for the elementals.

   They are relentless and only destroying the
guardian completely will release the elemental within. When this
occurs it returns to its original plane.

SA: If the bite hits with a natural 20 the statue has grabbed
a limb (likely an arm) it will continue to bite down on that limb
and the character will be unable to use it unless he can dislodge
himself with a bend bars lift gates roll (DC 20 STR check).
SD: ½ damage from slashing and piercing weapons. Also
since it is a construct inhabited by a spirit, mental spells have
no effect. The spirits inside could be banished but the players
may never know that they are there.

The constructs give an addtional +2 to FORT saves.

Armor Class
0 / 20
(+2 DEX, +8 Nat)
Movement 2E/3E 6" / 20′
Initiative +2 (DEX)
Face/Reach 5′
2E THAC0 / Attacks 9 / (2 claw) (bite)
3E Attack Bonus +16, +16, +11
Damage 2d6, claw, 1d8 bite
(3E +5 STR)
Special Attacks see text
Special Defense construct standard
Magic Resistance none
Size M 5′-6′
Moral 20
Alignment Neutral
XP 2000
Stats Skills/Feats
STR 20

Hide +2
Llisten +5
Spot +5

Power attack

INT 10
WIS 10
DEX 15
CON 15
CHA 10
COM 10
For Save +10
Ref Save +5
Wil Save +3