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Creature Crypt

   These are creatures created for campaigns, adventures, or for your personal use. We also listed other sites that have creature crypts, although we don't guarantee they are quality monsters and beasts.

   Note that in each of our creatures there are sections that apply to 2E and to 3E. THAC0 is for 2E while Challenge Rating is for 3E. Other statistics like hitpoints or armor class are labeled with a 2E or 3E to show which it represents. Only the base is shown on statistics, modifiers should be added after the base.

Creatures by Our Site ©2001

Living Sphere of Annihilation
Veltis the Devourer
Water Weird


Bursting Bee (ZIP 7 Kb) by Wiebe Haanstr
Endless Worm (ZIP 8 Kb) by Wiebe Haanstr
Epic Arch Devils (ZIP 1.2M) by Sebastien Urbanek
Epic Demon Lords (ZIP 1.3M) by Sebastien Urbanek
Golems (ZIP 33 Kb) by Wiebe Haanstr
Halloween Monsters by David Cecil ZIP 193Kb
Knower (ZIP 7 Kb) )by Wiebe Haanstr
Living Treasure (ZIP 18 Kb) )by Wiebe Haanstr
Presence (ZIP 8 Kb) )by Wiebe Haanstr
Monster Manual 3.5E Netbook (ZIP 1.6Mb ) from 2E

WOTC Archives

Dead Life
Elite Opponents
The Dragons' Claw Portals
Dragonlords for Dragonlance
Gamestoppers Archives
Monster Mayhem
Monsters of the Deep Underdark
Psionic Bestiary
Sand and Sun: Monsters of the Desert
Random Encounters
The Splintered Mind: Rebels of the Scarlet Brotherhood

Mask Campaign ©2001

Bone Reaper
Hell's Legions
Plague Were
Plague Zombie
Tseng Tomb Guardian

Creatures by Other Sites

2E Monsters (ZIP 279 Kb)
3E Creature Collection #1 (15 creatures) ZIP 60 Kb
Amazon (ZIP 34Kb) by Ralphie Kabo
Azmyth (ZIP 102Kb) 3.5E converted by Bob Brinkman
Book of Deamons 3E Full of stuff! (ZIP 53 Kb)
Book of Demons 3E Full of stuff! (ZIP 104 Kb)
Book of Devils 3E Full of stuff! (ZIP 86Kb)
Book of Modrons (ZIP 56 Kb)
Book of Undead 3E Full of stuff! (ZIP 61 Kb)
Creature Catalog 3E Full of stuff! (ZIP 1190 Kb)
Creature Collection 2E (ZIP 160 Kb)
Creatures #2 (ZIP 26 Kb) 17 New d20 System Monsters
Creatures #3 (ZIP 19 Kb) Spider-like Monsters & a New Character Race
Deadly Molds
Flyers (ZIP 8 Kb)
Gem Dragons Collection not in the MM (ZIP 124 Kb)
Gloomworm (ZIP 103Kb) 3.5E converted by Bob Brinkman
Hundar (ZIP 92Kb) 3.5E converted by Bob Brinkman
Leeches (ZIP 20Kb) detailed analysis by Xavier Fadeli
Missing Monsters from 3E (ZIP 138 Kb)
Netbook of Creatures (ZIP 792 Kb)
Player's Handbook Creature Statistics (ZIP 129 Kb)
Riding Dragon (ZIP 24Kb ) by Ralphie Kabo
Temple of Elemental Evil Monsters (ZIP 285 Kb)
(ZIP 5Kb)by Ralphie Kabo

Mummy and Mummy Lord: WOTC
Orn: Citizen Games
Ratwere by Robert Johnson
Sape by Dave Cecil (ZIP 69 Kb)
Siege Basilisk by who knows?
Under water familiars (ZIP 83 Kb) by Jeremy Sands
Wraith Shark: Citizen Games

Creature Templates

Dire Animal template (ZIP 5 Kb)
Creature to humanoid template (ZIP 60 Kb)
Creature Prestige Classes (ZIP 28 Kb) (14 Monstrous Prestige Classes)
Creature Templates (ZIP 17 Kb) 5 Monster Templates (including alternate Psionic)
Custom Made Monsters
Monster Generator (website) by Paul Singleton
Mystic Template by John Hicks (ZIP 89 Kb)
Savage Prgressions (Template Classes)
Were Spider Template by Oscar Verlinden ZIP 10Kb

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