The party has suffered through another goblin attack. After they deal with the goblin archers they have to regroup with the dwarves. Besides any injuries that occurred from the archers, one of the female dwarves has suffered a broken ankle in the mad rush to escape the overhang. Clerical spells can heal the break but it will still be tender and a homemade crutch must be designed or perhaps a pack animal must be made to carry the injured dwarf. No more attacks occur that day, nor at night when the party camps.

On the next day, while the party is crossing a fairly open and flat area, 3 goblins begin slinging stones from the cover of a large boulder. They are about 30 yards to the left of the party. These goblins are just a diversion, they will sling a few stones and attempt to draw the players towards the rocks. The real attack comes after the players have moved off, then 5 more goblins will spring up from their positions hidden in the bushes about 10 yards to the right of the group. The second group will attack the dwarves directly, attacking whatever dwarf is nearest them till they are slain or driven off by the party. There is almost certain to be casualties amongst the dwarves at this point. The goblins do not care if they target adults or children so long as the dwarves are slain. Once the attack is over the dwarves will mourn sorrowfully for a few moments then Regner or another dwarf will state that they must “continue on so that the remainder live on for the others.”

At this point feel free to add small attacks of your own. The goblins will be getting discouraged and have only 2 real plans left to try.