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By Robert Lutein
 School  Alt. (Air Element)

   Thunderclap is used to create a loud noise and damage creatures. The spell creates a sudden disappearance of all non-magical air/gas in the affected area for a fraction of a second. After the spell expires the air rushes back in causing the thunderclap.

   Individuals in the area of effect take 1d10 points of damage from the thunderclap. They will also be stunned for one round and deaf for 1d4+1 rounds unless they make a fortitude save. Air-based creatures in the area take 4d10 points of damage. All non-magical flames are blown out in the area. The thunderclap can be heard for 2 miles from its center.

 Level  4 Drd
 Components  V,S
 Range  Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft/lvl)
 Target  20' radius
 Duration  Instantaneous
 Save  (Fort) see text
 Resistance  No

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