Map for Land’s Edge:

Land’s Edge Castle

Land’s Edge is a now deserted town on an isolated peninsula. The town was established by shipwreck survivors, and later settled by fisherman’s families due to the abundance of the brown crab population.

Land’s Edge existed this way for 200 hundred years. It was ruled lightly from its parent country with appointed governors who charged taxes and provided soldiers to fight any raiders or the occasional giant crab who came ashore.

All this changed when the wizard Serek was appointed to the post of governor. Serek saw the posting as a punishment for an indiscretion committed in error. He botched a spell at a party while drunk and summoned a horde of large black rats that got into the food and such. Serek conspired to find a way out of his punishment, which indeed it was for him, and gain revenge.

He used his wealth to fund certain expeditions and researches. Eventually he discovered the spell to summon the fiend Castilus. Realizing the demon could grant him more power and gain his revenge for him he attempted the summoning.

History repeated itself unfortunately, Serek had been drinking more and more since his posting and his judgment became clouded. He miscast certain portions of the spell and the fiend killed him when it entered the known world. However, Serek had taken certain other precautions by inscribing spells to bind the demon to that room. With that he could extort the fiend for extra services, and these spells held fast.

The fiend Castilus realized he could not free himself from the room, but was free to exercised his powers. He then tried to tempt the inhabitants of the castle then later the town into freeing him. He failed and in his rages he summoned other creatures to slaughter the townsfolk and to free him. Once again he was thwarted. The seals could not be passed by those creatures he summoned, or any extra-planar being. Only a native of this plane could free Castilus from his confinement.

Those towns folk who escaped the fiend’s wrath brought home stories of a town overrun by creatures from hell. The government, never caring for the area that much, declared it a loss and covered the matter up. Nearly 50 years has passed since the abandonment of the town. The rest of the world has not noticed as Land’s Edge was never a major port, since it was surrounded by rocky shallows on all sides.

1. The Castle: This is detailed in Land’s Edge Castle