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By Robert Johnson
Hit Dice 2E/3E 1 / 1d6

Climate/Terrain: Any urban or underground
Organisation: Group (3-7), Pack (6-16 + 1 3rd-level sergeant and 2-8 rats), Band (10-40 + 100% non-combatants, 1 3rd-level sergeant per 15 adults, 1 leader of 4th-5th level and 4-16 rats), or Clan (20-60 + 100% non-combatants, 1 3rd-level sergeant per 15 adults, 2 or 3 lieutenants of 4th-5th level, 1 leader of 6th-8th level and 8-32 rats)
CR: ½
Treasure: half standard
Alignment: Usually Chaotic Neutral
Advancement: By character class

   Despite their name, these 3 foot tall creatures share few qualities of the wolfweres (2nd ed Monstrous Manual, page 363). Ratweres have humanoid form and stature, while maintaining most of their rat qualities. They have black, brown, or white fur; pointed noses and ears; long whiskers, tails and claws; and small, beady eyes. Generally, ratweres are courageous until actually faced with a challenge, which they quickly seek to avoid. They have vast personalities for their size, though they lack the intellect to apply it in most situations. An encourter with ratweres will often leave
adventurers fit to bursting with laughter. Ratweres speak a broken dialect of common, and an equally broken form of any regional language that is applicable.

Ratweres will seek to avoid combat at all costs. If they cannot run, they will attempt to hide until danger has passed. As a last resort, ratweres are known to fanatically attack thier opponents until they are killed or die from exhaustion, though this rarely happens except in cases where a band or clan is threatened. When fighting against larger opponents, ratweres will use their climb skills to either drop onto their attackers or climb up them to reach vital areas.

Ratweres can dwell in any city big enough to support them; usually any place where numbers rats abide. They are usually found in abandoned warehouses, large, dark basements, sewer systems and the like. They are friendly towards outsiders, except were real and obvious danger presents itself. Ratwere lairs usually hold one child for every 3-4 adults. Most ratweres worship Olidammara (when they think of it).

A Ratwere's favored class is rogue; most ratwere leaders are rogues. Very

Armor Class 2E/3E 6 / 16 (natural, +2 DEX)
Movement 2E/3E 9" / 20', 15' climb
Initiative (+3 DEX)
Face/Reach 5'
2E THAC0 / Attacks 20 / bite, 2 claws
3E Attack Bonus Bite +4/ 2 Claws -3
(-3 STR)
Damage 1d8/ 1d6 (2E -2 STR, 3E +3 STR)
Special Attacks None
Special Defense (2E +1 weapon) (3E 5 DR, cold, iron), darkvision
Magic Resistance none
Size S 3'
Moral 8
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
XP 20
Challenge Rating 1/2
Stats Skill/Feat
STR  6

Weapon Finesse (Bite)

Balance +14
Hide +18
Move Silently +14
Climb +12

INT  6
WIS 10
DEX 17
CON 10
CHA 12
COM  8
For Save +1
Ref Save +4
Wil Save +2

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