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Female Gamer of the Website
September 2010


Salisbury, Maryland

Megan's Bio

:) My name is Megan. I'm from Salisbury, MD. I've been playing dnd for 11 years now. Started with AD&D when I was in high school. Played everything from Aberrant to Pathfinder. I currently have a Half Elf ;6th lvl sorc with the fey bloodline 6th lvl rogue named Ayla Moradee or Silverfish depending on who she's talking to.

I'm also a DM. The largest group I DM'd for was 11 people for a campaign that lasted about a year. (It was titled "God Maker") I play Magic the Gathering. I have a infamous elf deck with pink covers that most of my friends are afraid of. ;) I'm also into Darkon. Its a live action medieval/fantasy reenactment war gaming society. (Darkon.org). We have padded foam weapons and medieval garb and travel to WV for a weekend and chill around a campfire at night. Like live dnd. So even though I have many different outlets of role playing I wouldn't have started any of this without dnd. :)


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