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Female Gamer of the Month
September 2001

Miami, Florida


Karen's Bio

   I originally started playing in junior high school, but, lost touch with the game because there were very few players around when I went on to high school. When I started dating my ex-boyfriend, he and his friends played regularly and my interest in the game was reborn. To be honest, I do not play regularly, but, I love the game. (Especially when you have a creative DM.) Now, I play every once in a while for 2 to 3 weeks on a particular character. I like to play a seductress type of PC, what woman doesn't? I generally create warriors, druids or wizards.

   If you are interested in becoming the female gamer of the month drop us an email me. Send us a photo and a bio on your gaming history. Gamers love to hear that women play too.

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