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Female Gamer of the Month
July 2009



Jerusha's Bio
My name is Jerusha, I am 25, and I live in Seattle Washington.
I've been an avid gamer for the last 5 years.
I suppose I came to gaming like most things in life, because of a boy.
A boy who I married and has been gaming for too long to mention.
I started off playing a blended 1st and 2nd edition game (percentile dice anyone?? :D )
and now am DM'ing a 3.5 game.
I've tried my hand at MMORPG's but keep coming back to D&D...
I love it and will be gaming for a long time


   If you are interested in becoming the female gamer of the month drop us an email me. Send us a photo and a bio on your gaming history. Gamers love to hear that women play too.

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