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Female Gamer of the Month
June 2009



Rebecca's Bio

(a.k.a. Pocket Pixie)
Age: 23
Been playing D&D 10 years

I've played D&D for nearly ten years. My boyfriend back then got me hooked on the game, and since I don't think I've dated anyone who doesn't play, lol. My nickname, Pocket Pixie, came from a gaming session where my Pixie character awoke in an ogre's pocket, causing quite a 'tickle' for him - while at the same exact moment IRL one of my idiot friends decided to show the group the small vibrating um... 'pocket pixie' he found in my private drawer. I started with D&D, but since have played Game of Thrones, D20 Modern, Warhammer, Gurps, and Shadowrun. D&D remains my favorite ;)

   If you are interested in becoming the female gamer of the month drop us an email me. Send us a photo and a bio on your gaming history. Gamers love to hear that women play too.

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