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Female Gamer of the Month
April 2009



Chelsey's Bio

My name's Chelsey, I'm 19 and from Michigan. I've been playing D&D for around 9 months now. Slightly proud of myself for not yet getting the party killed in any adventures I have done. My current boyfriend introduced me to it as since I loved to RP online, but couldn't find any good RP sites (since then I have; at the time though I was running out of ideas). We usually play twice every weekend -- doing a 3rd edition and a 2nd edition campaign.Outside of D&D I love books, music, movies, Video games, and theater in general. I used to play video games when I was younger, then my parents sold my PS2 :( -- recently I've been getting back into them though (it's great having guy friends who love them as much as you).

   If you are interested in becoming the female gamer of the month drop us an email me. Send us a photo and a bio on your gaming history. Gamers love to hear that women play too.

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