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Greater Bone Reaper
By Al Sousa
Hit Dice 3E 7d12 (54 hp)

   This undead were created by Xoth himself to protect the inner sanctums of his fotress when he ruled his empire. The actual invention of the spell used to create these creatures was a strange irony, see bone reaper.

   This is a larger, stronger, tougher version of the bone reaper. This undead uses larger creature corpses to be made.

Armor Class 3E 21 (natural, -1 for size, +1 dex))
Movement 3E 40'
Initiative (+6)
Face/Reach 10'
Attacks 2 claws (2d6 +9)
Attack Bonus +10
Damage 2d6+9
Special Attacks None
Special Defense Dam Red 10/bludg, iimmune to cold, undead traits. Turns as 11 HD undead
Magic Resistance none
Size L 8'
Moral 20
Alignment Neutral Evil
Challenge Rating 5
Stats Skill/Feat
STR  22

Improved Intiative

INT  -
WIS 10
DEX 13
CON  -
CHA  1
COM  1
For Save +2
Ref Save +3
Wil Save +5

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