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   This site was made #1 on the internet for its original unique material created by its owner and contributors. I review each submission for quality before placing it on the site. If you have material you would like to contribute please use this as a guildline.

Magic Items: A +1 sword with an original history that can be based around an adventure is acceptable.
Adventures: 1/3 roleplaying, 1/3 combat, 1/3 problems solving. 3 keys to making a good adventure.
Unique Monsters: Be sure to make a history with them that can give DM ideas on how to use them. Make them special in some sort of way.
Remade Monsters: Make it special so that PCs are surprised when they are encountered. A iron spiked body troll that explodes when brought to zero hit points is a good example.
NPCs: Unique story behind them. What makes a character is who the character is.
Places: Good background information and complete. Maps are always accepted though.
Traps: Think as the trap maker. Try using the least amount of magic.
Utilities: If its already on the site please don't submit a duplicate. Improvements on existing utilities are always accepted.

Overpowered items and monsters without history or purpose.
Untested utilities.
Hack and slash adventures.
Don't send me a list of statistics.
No cheese please.

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